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Janet Uhlar firmly believes that when the private lives and unique personalities of historical figures are presented, and the dynamics between these characters brought out, history becomes much more than cold black print on a stark white page. History takes on a life of its own, with true flesh and blood individuals whose acts of courage, indifference, or cowardice shaped the world we live in today. This living history helps us relate to those who have gone before--offering inspiration, courage, and a sense of determination. Janet is the author of Liberty's Martyr: The Story of Dr. Joseph Warren, Freedom's Cost: The Story of Nathanael Greene, and The Truth Be Damned.

Cover Graphics/Art Credit: Laura Snyder-Tinney
The Truth Be Damned

ISBN-10: 1480855928 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1480855922 (Paperback)

ISBN-10: 1480855936 (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 978-1480855939 (Hardcover)

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When Alex Fischer receives a federal jury summons, she fears it is for the upcoming trial of notorious mob boss, Sly Devaney. She has no interest in organized crime. In her mind, it is an evil world she is unwilling to enter. Alex is the perfect juror.

After she is vetted from over six hundred potential jurors, Alex is selected to sit in on the trial of the decade. As the lengthy trial begins, Devaneys attorney declares his client guilty of most of the charges in his opening statement, leaving Alex to wonder why the jury is there. Months of testimony reveal shocking acts of government treachery where murder is rewarded and the media is strangely quiet. Traumatized by deliberations and uneasy with the final verdict, Alex begins relentless research to learn why Devaney was silenced. While immersed in her investigation, she interviews many connected to the case, including Devaney. But will she find a way to expose the injustices divulged during whispered confessions of guilt and substantiated claims of innocence?

The Truth Be Damned is a tale of courage, intrigue, and self-discovery as a juror who served on the mob trial of the decade launches her own investigation into the injustices surrounding the complex case.

Janet Uhlar served as a juror in the 2013 trial of mob boss, James (Whitey) J. Bulger.  She has extensive knowledge of the foundational principles of American law and is the author of several books on the American Revolution.  She believed Bulger's trial was in stark violation of these principles.  Determined to discover the truth, she encountered corruption involving the FBI, DOJ, and CIA.  Her communications with Bulger have revealed information never disclosed.

Liberty's Martyr: The Story of Dr. Joseph Warren

ISBN-10: 1608440125 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1608440122 (Paperback)

British General Thomas Gage declared that the life of Joseph Warren was equal to 500 ordinary colonials. Contemporaries claimed that had Warren survived the American Revolution, the name of Washington might have been obscure. Dr. Joseph Warren was one of the foremost leaders in the years prior to, and the earliest months of the War for Independence.


It was Warren who united the First Continental Congress. It was Joseph Warren who sent Paul Revere on his famous 'midnight' ride. It was Dr. Joseph Warren who acted as Commander in Chief to the army of rag-tag Provincial soldiers until an official appointment was made.


His name and heroic deeds were once known by every school child in America - statues dedicated to him, towns, counties and streets named for him. Today his memory is all but forgotten, buried beneath the dust of time. Yet, were it not for Dr. Joseph Warren's prominent role, American History as we know it would be greatly altered.

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Freedom's Cost: The Story of General Nathanael Greene

ISBN-13: 979-8396343771 (Paperback)

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Nathanael Greene was the strategist of the American Revolution. His role in the War for Independence was second only to General George Washington. Born and reared a Quaker, with no military experience, he was promoted from private to brigadier general over night. Greene quickly became Washington's confidant and close friend. He was chosen by the Commander to lead the Continental Army should Washington be killed, injured, or taken captive. Nathanael's vivacious wife Caty, a favorite of the Washingtons, added brightness to the dark, dreary existence of camp life. She proved to be a source of joy and comfort to her husband throughout the war--as well as a heartache and challenge.

It was General Nathanael Greene who pulled the Continental Army from the throes of death at Valley Forge. It was General Greene who petitioned Congress for a Declaration of Independence. It was Nathanael Greene who was given the desperate task of commanding the Southern Department of the Continental Army after other commanders had failed. It was Greene who drove British General Cornwallis to surrender at Yorktown. Unable to participate or witness the victorious battle, he was forced to immediately return South with his troops, and subdue the remaining British forces. Greene led his troops in battle and laid siege for a year after the victory at Yorktown. His persistence finally forced the British to evacuate the South.

George Washington and Nathanael Greene were the only general officers who served in that position throughout the war. Greene led his men in more battles than any other general officer, including Washington. Moreover, it was Greene who was constantly harassed by Congress, and ultimately forsaken by them. Three years after the official end of the war, Nathanael Greene was dead. His premature death was not only a result of the intense hardships of war, but the hardships and cruelty inflicted on him by the United States Congress.


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