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Harry Truman--Hero? Let's Revisit History

75 YEARS AGO President Harry Truman ordered the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Prior to making his infamous decision,Truman was aware that our ally, the Soviet Union, was ready to take over Japan. Truman's top generals and admirals made this clear. With the Soviet takeover, Japan would be forced to surrender. Regardless, Truman dropped the bomb. The death of tens of thousands of children and women and unimaginable suffering of even more did not stop Truman from repeating the carnage in Nagasaki 3 days later.

These attacks killed an estimated 200,000 civilians--living, breathing humans made in the image of God, who had no say in what their leadership did at Pearl Harbor; had no say in anything their leadership did.

Historically, America regards Truman as a hero for this unconscionable act on the children and women or Japan. Why?

America needs to revisit her history and own her sins:

- The treatment of the Native Americans

- The horror of slavery

- The brutal usage and treatment of the Chinese in Westward expansion

And the list goes on an on. Racist attitudes and actions continue....

America desperately needs historians and journalist who seek truth, no matter where it leads. America can't learn from her history, and is doomed to repeat it, unless we know what our history truly is!

Harry Truman needlessly committed mass murder and suffering.

Truman was no hero!

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