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The Release of John Connolly: Part One


John Callahan was a wanna be thug, and the best friend, for 25 years, of serial killer Johnny Martorano. Callahan, was embezzling funds from his boss, Roger Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler was beginning an investigation. Callahan, afraid he'd be found out, asked his BFF Johnny M. to take care of the problem and kill Mr. Wheeler.

According to Whitey Bulger, Martorano sought his help. Bulger said, "No." He said, "Don't do it."

Johnny M., always wanting to help out a friend, didn't listen. He murdered Mr. Wheeler.

Now Mrs. Wheeler was beginning an investigation of the embezzled funds--and law enforcement was investigating Mr. Wheeler's murder.

Uh-oh.... Not looking good for Callahan.

Johnny M. knew that a wanna be thug probably wouldn't hold up well under pressure in a murder investigation. After all, Callahan knew Martorano killed Mr. Wheeler, and would probably offer up that information if threatened with the electric chair. Now Johnny M. had a big problem.

Again Johnny M. sought out the help of Bulger, who basically said, "Told you so" and told Johnny M. to uproot and go into hiding and let the investigation run it's course. Johnny M. didn't want to uproot, he had already established himself on the lam comfortably in Florida. Johnny M. didn't listen. Instead, he shot Callahan in the back of the head and stuffed him in the trunk of a car.

By and by, Johnny M. eventually confessed to this murder but said that "Bulger made me do it."

The Feds, for their own dark reasons seemingly eager to get Bulger by whatever means, made a deal with Johnny M. for his testimony against Bulger--didn't mean the testimony was true. Johnny M. served less than 6 months for the murder of his best friend Callahan's murder. He served less than 6 months for the murder of Mr. Wheeler.

Martorano served less than 6 months for each of the other 18 murders he confessed to-- 2 of them being innocent kids in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Boston newspapers, conveniently forgetting that Callahan initiated Mr. Wheeler's murder, present him as a victim. Not a "victim" of Martorano, but of Bulger and FBI Special Agent John Connolly....

John Callahan--Murderer

John Martorano--Serial Killer

Mr. Roger Wheeler -- the Only Victim

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