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What Is Truth? Andrew McCabe and the FBI

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

The recent firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is disturbing.

What are the official guidelines for the firing of an FBI agent? Or, is it simply at the whim of the Inspector General and Attorney General? Or, is it based on the desire of whoever sits in the Oval Office at the time of such a firing?

Is Andrew McCabe in violation of the law?

If he is, then he does deserve to be fired. I’m a firm believer that those who take oaths to uphold the Constitution, and/or to protect and serve, should meet a swift and severe punishment when that oath is violated. Yet, if McCabe’s offense is deserving of such a harsh punishment, what of other FBI agents who blatantly violated the law and were never held accountable? What of H. Paul Rico? What of John Morris?

Both Rico and Morris were accessories to murder. Both retired from the FBI with full benefits. John Morris confessed to being an accessory in two murders while serving as an agent. His punishment? A year's probation. After that he was promoted and praised within the Bureau. He retired from an exalted position at Quantico, and now lives a comfortable life in California -- supported by his FBI pension which is paid by you!

Morris, a confessed accessory in two murders, keeps his job and pension.

Does McCabe's alleged crime compare to that of Morris? If McCabe is to lose a large portion of his pension, then Morris should pay his back in full to American taxpayers.

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Rosemary Remillard
Rosemary Remillard
27 mrt. 2018

I couldn't agree more Ms. Uhlar that the actions of the DOJ & FBI in this particular case is unsettling. To think that the likes of Mortarano, Weeks, etc are walking amongst us free is chilling. & that they received a great pay day for their information. Mortarono is nothing but a cold blooded psychopath. Yes it is disgusting that Paul Rico & John Morris live a life of comfort while indeed that were accessories to murder! NO Morris should not have a pension paid for by the taxpayers. Loved your book was very informative & the "role" the DOJ & corrupt FBI played in the Bulger Trial was indeed disturbing.

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