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Why Did US Senate Not Pursue Revelation in MKULTRA Project Hearing?

In 1977 US Senate Hearing on MKULTRA Project, Kentucky Senator Walter "Dee" Huddleston asked key question of Admiral Stansfield Turner, director of CIA regarding manipulation of subjects' minds to make them violent and homicidal. Huddleson later lost his Senate re-election campaign to Mitch McConnell. Huddleson's insightful question was paramount to shed light on the encompassing darkness of this human experimentation--not only for the unwitting subjects, but the victims and families of those they maimed and killed! Seemingly, Admiral Turner's answer was quickly forgotten and tossed into the deep chambers of America's secret history.

August 3, 1977, Washington, D.C.

Senator Huddleson:

Was there any evidence or any indication that there were other motives that the Agency might also be looking for drugs that could be applied for other purposes, such as debilitating an individual or even killing another person? Was this part of this kind of experimentation?

Admiral Turner:

Yes; I think there is. I have not seen in this series of documentation evidence of desire to kill, but I think the project turned its character from a defensive to an offensive one as it went along, and there certainly was an intention here to develop drugs that could be of use.

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